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BioCalcs, self-sponsored and maintained by its author Neeraj Kumar, has initiated this project to provide quality study materials on Biology, Chemistry and allied topics. The author takes unconventional and innovative approaches to present few of the most under-explained topics for easy grasp by the learners.

Though numerical aspects of the topics are generally preferred here, you will also be presented descriptive notes, post and chapters on topics sought relevant.

Your queries, questions, suggestions and critics are welcomed.

About the Author

Neeraj Kumar holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry from HNB Garhwal University, Uttarakhand, India. He has worked as Junior/Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, sponsored project entitled “Elucidating the mechanisms involved in higher feed efficiency of bovine species by expression of the genes regulating mitochondrial proton leak kinetics” at ICAR-RCER, Patna, Bihar, India. He also served as SRF in National Fisheries Development Board, Govt. of India, sponsored project entitled “National Surveillance Program for Aquatic Animal Diseases” at the same institute. He has research experiences and practical expertise in biochemical analytical techniques, molecular biology techniques, microbiological techniques, proximate analysis, etc. He has also worked as a subject matter expert of biology and chemistry for a US-based education technology company. Being an optimistic and incessant learner, he has started this BioCalcs project to share his skills of solving numerical questions in the biology and chemistry subjects. He is also planning to establish his own R&D laboratory facilities to promote scientific agricultural practices in the region, that will directly enrich and uplift the socioeconomic status of the people associated with it.

The author welcomes all the critics and suggestions on the topics presented here. Please feel free to send your suggestions to

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