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Memorizing Amino acids & Genetic Code Dictionary

memorizing amino acids and genetic code dictionary

Introduction: Memorizing all the twenty standard amino acids and the genetic code dictionary is of great advantages when it comes to take up competitive exams besides improving the normal learning curve in the related topics. These two interdependent learning features may help solve many questions related to predicting some features of the wild type and … Read more

Calculating Exact Charge & pI of Amino acids, Peptides and other Molecules

Calculating Exact Charge and pI of amino acids and peptides

Calculate Charge & pI of Amino acids,
Peptides and other Molecules. The modified Henderson-Hasselbalch equations derived in the next sections are used to calculate the exact charge on any weakly acidic or basic group. It is also an excellent tool to mathematically determine the isoelectric pH (pI) of amino acids, peptides, drugs, pH indicators or any other molecule having at least one acidic and basic group.

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